Safer Spaces Policy

Safer Spaces Policy

As anarchists, we want to create spaces that are accessible to as many people, and free of as many barriers as possible. Many barriers emerge as a result of systemic dynamics of hierarchy, power and privilege; which require active work and dialogue to identify and undo. Failing to address these dynamics alienates and further victimizes our friends and allies and stops us from creating the equitable world we want.

People participating in the bookfair are asked to be aware of their language and behaviour and its impact on others. The bookfair is no space for violence, racism, ageism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, sizeism, sleaziness, or touching another person without consent. Acting in a way that perpetuates oppression, including through language, is not acceptable.

We define oppressive behaviour as any conduct that demeans, marginalizes, rejects, threatens or harms anyone on the basis of ability, age, cultural background, education, ethnicity, gender, immigration status, language, nationality, physical appearance, race, religion, self-expression, sexual orientation, status as a parent or other such factors.

Please keep the following in mind while interacting with others:

• Respect everyone’s physical and emotional boundaries. Ask first before touching, and listen and change your behavior if someone tells you that you are making them uncomfortable. Please keep in mind that not touching people without permission includes mobility devices.

• Check in before discussing topics that might be triggering (e.g. sexual abuse, sexual experiences, physical violence, or encounters with the police).

• Be responsible for your own actions. Be aware that your actions have an effect on others despite what your intentions may be.

• If you are called out for problematic behaviour, listen and reflect rather than being defensive. Be open to understanding the role your behaviour has in other people’s experiences of oppression.

• Respect everyone’s names and pronouns. Do not assume anyone’s gender identity, sexual orientation, survivor status, economic status, background, health, etc.

• Respect people’s opinions, beliefs, experiences and differing points of view.

• We cannot guarantee a snitch-fee or cop-free space, and is therefore not a safe place to discuss your own or others’ illegal activities. Please maintain security culture.

• Do not take any photos of people or anything that could identify people without explicit permission. Get additional permission before posting photos anywhere.

• Be mindful of the presence of children. Try not to leave anything around that could endanger them or other adults.