Accessibility Policy

​​​​​​​Accessibility at the 2019 Toronto Anarchist Book Fair

The bookfair collective will do our best to make this event as accessible as possible. Please get in touch ahead of or any time during the event and let us know what would make the event more accessible for you, and how we can best help meet your needs.

Getting to the Bookfair

The closest subway station to the bookfair is Bathurst Station. The closest subway station with an operating elevator is Spadina Station, about 6 blocks east. If you are travelling from Spadina station, please note that there is currently construction along Bloor Street, so sidewalks are narrower than usual.

Barrier-Free Access

The bookfair will be held at the Centre for Social Innovation – Annex, at 720 Bathurst Street. The space can be accessed by a short set of stairs or an enclosed wheelchair lift. The wheelchair lift must be operated by a CSI staff member, who will be stationed at the front desk of the space throughout the day.

Sexual Assault and Safer Space Policies

The Toronto Anarchist Book Fair is a survivor-centric space. Please see our full sexual assault policy here.

The safer space policy is available here.


Washrooms are not designated by gender. One barrier-free washroom is available.

Kid & Parent Inclusivity

Children are a part of our growing movement, and as such need to be supported and respected, as do their families. We welcome kid noise and for children to attend any of the workshops. Child minding will also be provided throughout the day.


A free/PWYC lunch will be provided. All meals will have vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free options.

ASL Interpretation

We regret that we will not be able to provide ASL interpretation at the bookfair.

Animal-free space

No animals will be permitted at the Bookfair, with the exception of service animals (e.g. guide dogs or trauma dogs)

Large-font programs

Copies of the program will be available in large font. We will encourage workshop facilitators to provide materials in large font formats.

Scent-free policy

The Toronto Anarchist Book Fair strives to be a scent-free space. Attendees are asked not to wear any scented products, including perfume, cologne, fragrant hair styling products, fragrant laundry detergents, essential oils or scents that may be remaining from soap, shampoo or other bath products. We will provide unscented hand soap in the bathroom.​​​​​ People whose scented product use is interfering with others’ participation in the bookfair may be asked to leave. Please take a couple of minutes to read the following document about working towards being scent and fragrance free:

Substance use

This event will not be serving alcohol and we ask that people not consume alcohol on site. Folks who need drink or use other drugs prior to attending the event will not be turned away. ​​​​​​​

Other concerns?

If you have questions or concerns, need more details, have suggestions, or just want to chat, please email, or talk to any book fair volunteer.