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Call for Workshops:

From the practical to the theoretical and everything in between, the Bookfair Collective is seeking workshop proposals. We are particularly interested in proposals that are grounded in, and relevant to local organizing efforts. We are looking for workshops that aim to foster a growing anarchist movement, contribute to critical dialogue, and facilitate strategic discussion and skill-building. This can include (but is in no way limited to) presentations on topics such as:

    • Anarchism 101
    • Indigenous resistance, decolonization and land defense
    • Revolutionary Gardening (guerilla and small space)
    • Anarchist struggles abroad
    • DIY skills
    • Building an anti-racist anarchism
    • Violence, conflict, & conflict resolution in anarchist communities
    • Class struggle under late capitalism
    • Confronting gentrification
    • Migrant justice
    • Environmental justice
    • Gender, queerness, & anarchism
    • Medics & action first aid
    • Prison abolition & community-based justice
    • Strategies for confronting the far-right and fascists

For the purposes of the 2019 Bookfair, a workshop is an event lasting 60-80 minutes. It could take the format of a skill-building workshop, moderated discussion, presentation, panel, or other similar format.

Due to the time and space limitations of the bookfair, there are a few things the collective is looking for in particular:

    • Live workshops (versus, for example, a film screening)
    • Explicitly anarchist content
    • Workshops that build community capacity
    • Marginalized voices: If your lived experience as part of a marginalized community informs your understanding of a topic, or if you have a perspective that is less commonly given space, please feel welcome to indicate this in your proposal

Please note that we unfortunately do not have the capacity to pay you for your workshop or support you financially in bringing your workshop to the bookfair.

We want to hear from you! To submit a workshop proposal, please complete:

Call for Tablers:

A central component of any anarchist bookfair, the event will host a room for info shops, booksellers, activist groups and independent publishers to showcase and distribute literature and goods.

Tablers can be collectives, individuals, or distros

Unfortunately, space is limited, and we will not be able to accept all tabling applications.

For any table that takes in sales or accepts donations for their products, the cost of table space is 15% of total income from the day. If a group neither sells anything nor accepts donations, it is still requested that some kind of monetary donation be made to the costs of renting the space and making the bookfair happen.

If you’re interested in tabling, please complete:

Call for Space-Specific Programming:

The bookfair will include a chill space and a child-minding space. If you would like to host an activity, discussion, or program in one of these spaces, please email us a description of what you would like to do at

Call for volunteers:

Coming soon!